Most popular plans in Multi Level Marketing

Most Popular plans in Multi-level marketing

I think you all may familiar with the word Multi-level marketing.

Actually what exactly a Multi-level marketing is?

Is that a usual marketing strategy?

How it diverse from traditional business method?

Multi-level marketing is a business strategy or a system for selling goods or services through a network of distributors.

These distributors receives a fixed income based on their product sale.  The marketing kink is entirely different from traditional way of business.

The members will get commission both from direct sales and from the sales made by their recruited down-lines.

Did you ever notice the modus operand of an MLM company?

Is all are pursuing a same MLM plan?

Here I will try to answer you.

Multilevel marketing plans are a set of strategy or an overall operational idea of an MLM company which leads in to action then towards company goals.

It is a business structure used in network marketing business to provide compensation to its participants.

However MLM plan is the back bone of any Referral marketing company.

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There have Many MLM plans in network marketing industry with diverse structure of functionality.

Which are they?

Let’s have a look on various Multi Level Marketing compensation plans trending in market.


Various Multi Level Marketing Plans


1.Matrix /Forced Matrix MLM plan

One of the favorite and powerful MLM plan in network marketing. Matrix plan is also known as forced matrix .The plan consist a certain kind of width and depth concept eg.3×3 matrix, 3×5 matrix etc. The width and height is already defined in matrix.


2. Unilevel MLM plan

A Unilevel plan is very simple and a fruit full plan in MLM system. The plan contains only up to one level. The width is unlimited in unilevel so the members can recruit unlimited people as their down-lines. It is a favorite plan of many MLM companies as well as the members.


3. Binary MLM plan

Binary multi level marketing plan is a renowned plan in Network marketing. As its name suggests the participants can recruit two people as his downline, it is his right leg and left leg. In binary people joining above two person will automatically spill over to the weak leg of the member. Binary is a plan which provides maximum output.


4. Monoline MLM plan

Monoline MLM plan is a modern and trendy plan. It is considered as the most effective plan in MLM by critics. In monoline there is no limit and no mandatory level of compensation plan to work. The monoline plan put forward first come first serve method.


5. Investment MLM plan

Investment plan is one of the popular plan in MLM. It yields the participants to generate an indirect income .According to this plan, MLM Company offers a daily based percentage to its members based on their investment in the company.


7. Generation MLM plan

In generation plan downlines are divided as different levels. These levels known as generations. However the plan is not quite easy to understand. The plan gives more access to product selling.


8. Stair step MLM plan

The plan is also known as stair step break away plan. Stair step plan is one of the oldest MLM plan .The most important feature of this plan is break away option.


9. Gift/Donation MLM plan

Gift plan is also known as donation plan .The concept of this plan is give a gift to a member in the system and receives gifts from other many members.

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Importance of an MLM plan in multilevel marketing

Can you think about an MLM company without a proper plan and strategy?

Damn sure it may be an utter failure without practicing a proper plan.

However network marketing plan is the lifeblood of any MLM system. it is a preset structure of some logical strategies and calculations regarding compensation to the members.

The business idea and compensation structure may different from company to company. A powerful and well idealized MLM plan steers your business towards success.  That is the reason most of the founders give importance to MLM plan before starting their business.



What are the most popular plans in multilevel marketing?

There has many things as popular and favorite for people. Popular movies, popular vehicles popular books etc.

In the history of Multilevel marketing, there have some ever popular MLM plans too.

Let’s have a look what are those popularized MLM plans.


Binary MLM Plan

Actually, what is the exact reason to get these much of popularity for binary plan?

The answer is, Binary plan is simple and productive .It is very easy to handle for the company as well as the members in the system. The main reason behind the adoption of binary plan is, it provides various opportunities of income generation to its members. One of the main advantage of binary plan is there is no confusion in the system. Commission and pay outs distributes in a fixed ration as per the pairs placed in the network. Apart from that there have various awards, rewards, royalty commissions. Schemes and bonuses like referral income, direct sponsoring income, and spill network income, binary pair matching income etc…

Let’s have a look on key features of a Binary MLM plan.


Binary MLM plan is very simple in its way of operation. It is very easy to understand. There is no complex things in the plan.

Spill network
Spill over option is another great advantage in binary MLM plan.Spill over means your up line will allot a new member to your downline. You will active your weak leg with this spill over feature.

No complex in the system

There is no complexity in this plan, it is a user friendly concept.You only need to sponsor two people to qualify for group commissions.

Infinity pay outs

If income is your only concern, then binary offers you a various type of financials returns. If you can follow the structure in a right manner, of course you will enjoy the financial freedom from this plan.

Vast growth opportunity

Binary plan signalize a vast growth opportunity to its members. With unlimited and infinite depth, members can build deeper network. It gives you a scope to earn more.

It is a fast growing structure

The binary plan empowers a fast expansion of network. The 2×2 fixed formula in binary enables a fast growth on your network.

Stable team work

However in binary there is a stable team work.The up line and down-line members gets an opportunity to work as a team.It encourages the team spirit and yields a better working environment.


Unilevel MLM plan

However it is not just a plan,  Unilevel MLM plan is one of the foremost  plan in network marketing industry.

The reason behind this popularity of a unilevel plan is, like binary MLM plan unilevel is also a very simple and productive plan in MLM system.

As the name suggests you can only sponsor one line of distributor on your frontline.

Every member you sponsor is one of your front line distributor. According to unilevel MLM plan the width is unlimited you can fix a certain level of depth.


It is very simple and easy to explain to a customer

The calculation and ideology in unilevel MLM plan is very simple. It can be easily explained to the customers.

This simplicity in this plan attracts the customers very quickly.

The compensation level is specified by the company

However the width is unlimited in unilevel structure.

The pay of level commission can be fixed by the MLM Company according to their plan of operation.

Easy integration of rewards and incentives

As a clear cut plan. The reward and incentives can be easily fix and  integrate with unilevel plan.

These simple structure reduces the complexity of compensation distribution.

Attractive and beneficial plan for beginners

Think, suppose you are new in an MLM system. You need to select an appropriate plan to start your business.

Which type of plan you mostly prefer?

A hard one or a simple plan with broad opportunities?

I think almost all may go with the second choice.

Unilevel is an attractive plan for the beginner’s. This compensation plan only requires a minimal amount of personal volume to receive commission’s.

The beginners can receive income without waiting for a long time.


Matrix MLM plan

Matrix MLM plan is also known as forced matrix plan.

It is one of the primary plan in network marketing industry.

Matrix plan has a great influence and acceptance in MLM industry.

It is a powerful plan arranged by a certain width and depth concept. There has a limit for the members.

The width and depth of a member is fixed by certain Numbers. 3×3 matrix, 3×5 matrix etc..

The members have a limit to sponsor people on their front line actually this is the width concept.

The depth means up to which level where the members getting a commission.

However the plan has a similarity with a pyramid structure.

Let’s have an analysis on various features of a matrix MLM plan


Spill network and benefits

Spill network is a terrific specialty in matrix MLM plan.

Distributors can sponsor favorable number of other distributers on their downline.

The members are getting benefit from this spill, and also gets an opportunity to build deeper network.

Powerful and easier plan

Matrix plan is very powerful and practical, it can be easily understood by anyone, even for new members too.

It promotes team work

As a well scripted ideal MLM plan, matrix promotes more team work.

Because of the wide deep width concept matrix plan stimulates distributors to have a healthier team work.

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