What is Multi Level Marketing?

Are you thinking about Multi-level marketing business?

Still in confusion about the scenario?

Now a day’s MLM is a fast growing business structure followed by many multinational companies for the sale of products and services.

Multilevel marketing is also called as network marketing, referral marketing or pyramid selling. There are several Multilevel marketing companies in world market.

Example Amway, 5Linx, AdvoCare etc.. The ideology in all are same is “Refer and earn”. The logic is simple you have to meet people and make them part of the system, How much you refer that much you will earn.


While you make a step to MLM business and you are unfamiliar with this, your most common doubt’s are,

  1. How Multi Level Marketing works?
  2. What are my benefits from  Multi Level Marketing?
  3. Which MLM company do i need to chose?

How ever the earnings of the participants in MLM is based on a commission system. The people under you are known as your “Legs” or “Down line”.

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You can only enter in to the business as a referral of some one who was already a member in the business.

If your down line is more active and productive then only you will get benefit from the system.

So you should be the master of your down line.

You have to guide them through proper channel.

Each company has a financial compensation multi level marketing plan for the pay out of their joiner’s.

The participant in MLM receives two kind of revenue’s. First one is from the commission of total sales made by the participant to his/her down line.

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The second one is from the commission based upon the sales made by other distributors below the participants.


Multi level marketing system creates a different opportunity apart from old style of traditional business. World is in change with new business ideas and techniques.

MLM has its on unique feature in new world of business. Many companies give hand to this system to establish their own space.

The most common doubt in people who looks for MLM business are, which MLM company need to be chose? Which is the best one? You should need a keen research before you make a step in to the business.

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Choose the best company according to your business concept and MLM plan. Some people do makes a lot of money from multilevel marketing with in a short period, by their hard work and dedication.

They are promoting their own business through their down lines. That’s why Sometimes the participant in MLM is called as an independent business owner’s.

They have their own freedom; they could work at any time from any where.


Today our marketing concepts has grown to a full extent depending upon the consumer needs as well as the technological development. Among various business strategies, Multi-level marketing (MLM) has become a vital element in any company’s for a corporate’s growth.

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Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a powerful marketing strategy employed for the sale of products or services, that can contribute effectively to your online presence, and positively reshape your bottom line of business.

Unlike traditional advertising, the MLM world is its real-time tracking, or adjust creative to a different media channel, and you are all good to go.

Although the revenue of the MLM is inferred from a non-salaried workforce marketing the company’s products/services.


Multilevel selling companies apply a network of independent salespeople who sell products straight to people in their community. These sellers earn income based on their sales, as well as the sales of people they hire to serve for the company.

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Network Marketing companies can offer excellent work opportunity part-time without affecting your regular Job. Anyone can join and work for MLM companies, and there are no restrictions concerning work experience and educational qualification.

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A proper MLM company should offer their clients a full suite of services from marketing portfolios, commercial property management to financing and title services.


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