What are MLM plans?

MLM plans are the business models or business structure used in the network marketing business to provide bonus and compensation to the members of the MLM business. MLM business works according to the compensation plans. There are about 10+ Multi level Marketing plans available in the market. Every MLM business use any of the compensation plan to provide services to their clients.


What are MLM plans?

MLM plan has a vital role in Multilevel marketing system. People are always curious about MLM plan. It is a base system which decides how your business should be. That’s why people are always in search for best MLM plans to execute the best in their business.

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MLM plan is bare bone of MLM company. It navigates your entire business operations in a nutshell. A well executed MLM plan can boost your business sales and service in a significant manner.

How ever there are many MLM plan’s in multilevel marketing. Each company follows different plan. It varies from business to business. Establishing a good business plan is the most crucial stage in your business.

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Your plan must be unique and productive, for that you must need a research on various MLM business plans.

MLM plans are comprise with compensation structure in multi level marketing system. It is the system how users are arranged in a network platform. Depth and width of your down line, level commission etc. will be vary according to the plan of respective company. The user in the network system is treated by certain commission and bonus.

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Most Popular MLM Plans

Checkout the most popular MLM plans  used in the MLM companies.


Binary MLM plan

It is one of the most desirable and popular plan in network marketing. As the name suggests it simply allows you to have two direct down lines under you.

Matrix plan

Matrix plan software is one of the most common plans in use. It is also known as forced matrix. Here you have some limit on your down line. Width and depth of your down line is fixed. E.g.; 3×3 matrix, 3×4 matrix etc…

Unilevel MLM plan

Unilevel MLM plan is simplest and fruitful plan in MLM. In unilevel the level commission is only up to one level and the width is unlimited. Member will recruit unlimited user in his down line. Most companies give hand to this system

Monoline MLM plan

As the name suggest Monoline MLM plan is also known as straight line MLM plan or Linear MLM plan. There is no limit and mandatory levels in monoline. Everything goes on a single line. Timing is important in this plan. It is base on the principle first come first serve method

Investment MLM plan

The company which follows investment MLM plan offers daily percentage on investment of a member. It is one of the most popular plans. It helps people to generate indirect income. In this plan income is generate to people on the basis of their investment.

Gift MLM plan

Gift MLM plan is widely known as donation plan. The concept of this plan is offering or delivering gift to someone and receiving it from another person.

 Party MLM plan

Party MLM plan focuses on promotion and marketing of the product through home based party and other social events. Products are display’s here for sale.

Stair-step MLM plan

Stair step plan is also known as stair step break away plan. It is similar to uni-level plan members can recruit unlimited users on their front line.

Generation MLM Plan

Generation plan is known as re-purchase plan or gap commission plan. It is one of the powerful plans which can be paid up to many levels deep. The structure of the plan zooms in to product sale.



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