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MLM software or Multi Level marketing software is a software tool to manage MLM business in a convenient way. MLM scripts is pre-laoded with lots of tools to manage each and every phase of network marketing business. So by using MLM system you can achieve higher productivity and better management of the MLM business.

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  • MLM software intro
  • What is network marketing
  • Why we need a software for MLM?
  • What is multi level amrketing?
  • What is direct selling marketing?
  • What is MLM software?
  • What are the top features of MLM software?
  • Advantages of MLM software?


MLM Software

MLM Business Software is a complete business management tool for MLM Company. Which acts in product management, referral management, financial reports etc.

Multi Level Marketing software can manages the entire activity and gives access to admin to manage a net work, its users and compensation plan.

MLM scripts also let the users to manage their referrals, network status and income details.

The main purpose of network marketing software is to provide easy accessible administrative system for MLM business.

MLM system is the heart and soul of an MLM company. It brings the entire business activity under one roof.

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What is Network Marketing?




Net work marketing is a business model structured by a network of distributors to sell a product or service.

It is a marketing strategy which Independent sales representatives of a company recruit other sales people and earn commission on their own sales and on the sales made by their team.

Now a days there are hundred’s of network marketing companies offering large verity of product and services.

Apart from traditional marketing companies, Net work marketing companies are more than willing to pay you, to communicate this message to your network of friends and family.

Company directly markets the product to customers through these representatives without paying any money for advertising.



They use word-of-mouth marketing as more powerful and effective method of marketing.

Network marketing business offers you to build a business as your own. It provides you a complete freedom at work. You will work at any time when ever you are comfortable.

Your entry to the network marketing business is free. Many people have made a lot of money from net work marketing with in a short period.

Benefit and income from network marketing business is strictly according to your view and hard work towards the business.

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What is Multi Level Marketing?


Today’s business concept and marketing trend are changing day by day. World is in hurry with new ideas and business techniques.

Now a day there has several marketing methods in practice.

Multi level marketing is one of the powerful marketing strategies distinct from traditional business method.

Multi level marketing is a business method which involves a non salaried network of people sells the product of the company to new people by recruiting them to the business.

The members in the system will get a commission

  • When they make a sale of the product
  • When their down line members make a sale

Many companies provide different type of commission and bonus to their members according to their business plan.

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Why We Need Software for MLM  

Some times Dealing with Multilevel marketing business is not an easy task. Like any other business Multi level marketing business also has its own complexity and risk in its operational level.

You may have to deal with millions of people network and day to day transactions. There you should need a perfect platform to manage this system.

Here comes the term “MLM software” more significant in your MLM business in MLM companies.

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As well as admin the user also can track and manage the entire activity in his network by using this software.

Multi Level Marketing software is a complete business management tool for your MLM business. It smooth’s your managerial functions and reduces the complexity. No company can survive without Multi level marketing software.


What is Direct Selling?


Today there has millions of business organization around the world with diverse goods and services.

While you buy a product did you ever thought how this product came to you?

And How they are marketing these goods???

Yes, Today’s business firm’s has plenty of marketing strategies to sell their product in world market.

Direct selling is one of the prominent marketing systems among them. Let’s check exactly what it is.

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As its name suggest in direct selling process the product or service of a particular company directly sells to the consumers by independent distributors.

The independent direct selling consultants set their own work hours and earn commission on the sales they make.

How ever direct selling creates a personal attention. Products may sell to the people in places such as home, office, cafes, etc .The user can buy product from company direct sales persons.


Types of Direct Selling

  • From person-to person direct sale
  • Online sales by creating website and digital marketing system
  • Door to door selling
  • Home Shopping sales method
  • Sales by providing distribution points to the consumer.


What is MLM Software?


Can you think a day without your mobile phone?? Or without your working Laptop?

Without your favorite program on television?

Of course No, Technology is a part of our life. We can’t think even a day without it.

We have achieved huge development with technology and still we are growing with it. Technology brought an immense change in world.

Business sector also witnessed a drastic change by technology. Today’s business is technologically improved and more developed.

Each and every transaction in modern business is through computers, Mobile phones, Tabs etc. Some times it’s not an easy task to control it at all.

To regularize this situation there have many software systems to manage your business according to your style of operation. Like account management, product management .etc..

So, As its name suggests MLM software is a software ware program to manage multi level marketing transactions for MLM companies.

Like any other business organization MLM company also need a powerful management system in its non-administrative level.

It is a complete administration tool to control and manage the people network system, commission management, product management, etc.

The user also can control and manage his down network activities as well as admin.

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The core parts of MLM software are

  • Admin panel
  • User panel
  • Shopping cart system for product management
  • Down line view system for both user and admin
  • Graphical representations like tree view and statistical report
  • Content management system
  • User registration Module
  • Commission and pay out system.
  • E- wallet system for virtual money storage

These are some of the functions in MLM systemhow ever MLM management software comes with many features and add on modules according to the business requirement.


What are the top features of MLM software?


People always need the best thing in their life .We all are in search for the best. Even in every simple thing we are trying to find the best.

Multilevel marketing software is lifeblood of MLM business. It is the most necessary part of any MLM system.

So, people look for the best MLM network marketing software for their business activity

When multilevel marketing business mobilizes to network marketing software the requirement and idea in software may differ from business to business.

Usually all MLM software companies are developing software according to their customer’s requirement.


What are the top features of MLM software

An Iconic dashboard

Dash board in MLM software represents a complete system overview and features are arranged in a sequence for easy navigation.


E-Wallet is a virtual money storage system, where members can make transactions. All income is stored in this virtual wallet.

E-commerce system

Most of MLM companies have products to sale .You can easily sell your products in online by integrating an e-commerce website with your MLM software.

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Responsive system

MLM software is responsive; you can use it in any screen size devices. This easy access system can be operated from any device from anywhere.

Down line and network view

In MLM management software you will easily access your down-line and network. You can view, track and manage your down network at anytime on your fingertips

E.g.  Genealogy tree view

Income and expense management system

It establish a complete income and expenditure report on your MLM business. Admin can monitor all the transactions easily

Content management system (CMS)

CMS helps you to manage your contents. Maintaining your contents with CMS and designs makes your content page more attractive.

Multi currency

MLM software can be integrated with Multi currencies. How ever MLM is a business which has a world exposure. Members will use Different currency and can covert it in this option.

Multi lingual

As a global business language is an important factor in your MLM business to communicate with the people around the world. Multi lingual integration helps you to solve this problem.

Payment Gateway

Multiple payment options can be integrate with your MLM system like, Paypal, Bitcoin, etc…


Advantages of MLM Software

It’s a difficult part to control and unite all the transaction in an MLM system

Like any other business management software MLM software is a great advantage for MLM Company. It acts as a nucleus and controls all the activity around it.

Here MLM software helps you to manage, control, and organize each and every single transaction in your business.

What are the key advantages of an MLM software system.

  • It manages your entire business activity and makes your business systematic.
  • Manages your account and generates income report and calculations.
  • It acts on your compensation plan, commission system, income status etc..
  • Channelize and controls your down line network
  • E-commerce integration with your business makes your online product selling fast and relevant
  • User-friendly system helps users to access their down network, income details, transactions etc.
  • MLM software controls your inventory management system
  • MLM software is a safe and secure system, it gives high end security on your data.
  • Features like, Payment gateway, Multilingual, Multi currency, CMS, E-wallet system etc…makes your system more unique and attractive

How ever MLM software has many advantages it can be customize with more attractive modules.


Best MLM Software Developers

As we all know MLM software is the heart of an MLM system.

In multi level marketing business, you must need a software platform to run your network marketing business success. When it becomes necessary in your business

You may start to search for Best MLM software developers.

Who are best MLM software developers? And what are they doing??

There are many MLM software companies in market who develops software for multilevel marketing business. The role of Company is to develop a perfect management software for your MLM system

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  • The best MLM software developer comes with unique and attractive MLM system for your MLM business.
  • The ultimate goal of every MLM software company is to meet the requirements of their clients.
  • They must be capable to built a quality software according to their client’s requirement and demand
  • As a best MLM software developer they should provide best product for reasonable rate.
  • Time is yet another important factor; the customers should be treated without any delay. Software developers should provide the software with in a limited period of time as per client’s need.
  • The software must be customizable; these days Many MLM software comes with customization modules. The customer can customize the software according to his exact needs in future or any time when he want to be
  • When it comes to software the best technology should be used and the system should be simple and humble in manner.

How ever there have many qualities that a best MLM software company need to meet on the way of their operation


Technologies Used in MLM Software

Powerful and effective MLM software is the life of every MLM company.

The role of MLM software company is to frame efficient MLM software by using high end technology to manage your business activity in a systematic order.

Lead MLM developers provide unique and caliber MLM software by using latest technology.

Who we are??

We choose the right technology which is innovative and effective to implement your ideas in a platform.

We are day to day updated with latest trends, technology, and new ideas.

We uses below technologies to make your software perfect.



PHP stand for hyper text pre processor is a widely used open source general purpose scripting language for developing static or dynamic websites, web applications etc. It is a server side scripting language.



HTML5 is the latest version of hyper text mark up language for describing the contents and appearance of the web pages. it contains detailed processing models for more practical implementations. It improves the mark up available for documents and also establishes markup and application programming interfaces for complex web applications.



CSS means cascading style sheets language mainly used for presentation of a document written in a markup language. CSS3 is the latest evolution of cascading style sheet language.



Bootstrap is an open source web frame work focuses on frond end development only. It is used for developing websites and web applications .It contains HTML and CSS design templates.



CODEIGNITER is an open source web frame work to built dynamic websites by using PHP



MySQL is free and open source relational data management system (RDBMS) based on structural query language (SQL). MySQL can be used with wide range of applications



Opencart is a open source e- commerce platform for online sales. It acts like a online store. Open cart is PHP based, built by MySQL database and HTML contents.



Twig is an open source template engine for PHP programming language


MLM Software for E-commerce

The main goal of every multi level marketing company is maximum product sale and profit achieving. For this you should need a E-commerce platform with your MLM software

E- Commerce is also known as electronic commerce; it is an electronic system for buying and selling of goods and services with the help of internet and technology. It carries the business activity through an online network and offers the sale and it acceptance through an electronic system.


What exactly an E-commerce platform is??

It is a platform to sale your goods and services online. How ever E-commerce is a complete product and sale’s management system which manages and smooth’s your entire online sales transactions.

Let’s have a look on the functions of an e-commerce platform

  • E-commerce system manages your entire product selling activity such as tracking, inventory  controlling and cost management system etc..
  • It encourages your online sales by providing a systemic management system
  • E-commerce MLM software controls your inventory, product orders, supply etc.
  • A well maintained e-commerce site attracts the customers to buy the product easily by seeing the product demo, information, etc..
  • E-commerce system is responsive and easy accessible you can use it in any device. Like mobile phone, Laptop, PC etc.
  •  It comprise multiple payment systems, this make money transactions transparent and effective

Her below have a look at some of e-commerce platforms


Magento is a modern e-commerce platform built by using open source system. It is one of the powerful e-commerce platforms available today. Magento provides a unique and attractive shopping cart system. It can be customize easily. Magento operates in PHP as programming language and MySQL as database.


Open cart is an excellent open source e-commerce platform for your online business activity. It can be used in any web server which runs in PHP and MySql. It helps you to build a perfect e-commerce store with high end security


Word press is an e-commerce platform written in PHP. It is the most simplest and one of the popular e-commerce system for your website creation. It gives you a free design and complete access.


MLM Software for Crypto currency

A Crypto currency is a digital form of online currency that uses cryptography for security and to verify transactions.

All the transactions by crypto currency is recorded on a public digital ledger called a Block chain. Today this digital currency is uses as a medium of exchange in world market.

How ever crypto currency is not regulated by a government authority or a central bank and it does not belongs to a particular country.

The value and control of crypto currency is determined by it’s market demand and supply.

Crypto currencies are mainly traded in online crypto currency Exchanges. There are many crypto currencies like Bit coin,( BTC) ether( ETH), ripple (XRP), and and litecoin( LTC) etc

Among them Bitcoin is one of the most popular crypto currency in market. It can be treated as world’s first digital currency which is transferable in electronically.

It is one of the crypto currencies which has a world acceptance and popularity in operation.

Bit coin holders can transfer this via peer-to-peer network. A block chain records the history of this transaction. Block chain detects and evaluates the bit coin transaction and records it.

The bit coin volunteers basically known as “miners” How ever mining operators need to take a great effort to achieve profit from this.

In the case of a new comer he should need a keen research and knowledge about crypto currency and Bitcoin operation.

What is ICO and How it related to crypto currencies.

ICO means initial coin offering It can be treated as similar to (IPO) Initial public offering, which investors purchase the share of a company.

How ever ICO is a fund raising mechanism using crypto currencies. A fixed crypto currency is provided as tokens. These tokens are known as ICO tokens.

It can be exchange with other crypto currencies like bitcoin , etherum etc. You will get ICO tokens for the money you invest.

In future you can buy company services or you can sell this token. How ever ICO token is related to block chain.

MLM in Cryptocurrency

Sometimes People want to integrate crypto currency with MLM software when they are in block chain technology.

They will also look into ICO development with MLM software as a way of fund raising.

Many companies focusing on crypto currency integration with their MLM system.

When they face problem in fund raising they provides ICO tokens in MLM system to their Members, It can be treated as an emerging trend in MLM system.



As we discussed above MLM software is the master control system in network marketing. Hope you would go through the features that we have already discussed.

MLM software can be designed with different salient features. Software may differ from business to business according to the idea and requirement of particular business entity.

The main advantage of an MLM software is easy customizable. People around the glob may have different business techniques and ideas, an MLM system should be capable to implement this perfectly, like E-commerce integration helps to increase sales volume and performance. Some one tries with block chain and integrates digital currencies like crypto currency, Bitcoin etc.  This versatile existence differentiates MLM software in its operational level and gives a universal acceptance.

How ever there have hundreds of MLM software companies in market. While you chose, chose the right company who are capable to implement your business idea perfectly in to an MLM software platform.


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